Space Race

The NAACP is looking into sponsoring NASA space flights. Apparently being strapped to a rocket hurtling into the vacuum of space is safer than our neighborhoods, homes and churches

Donald Trump

Donald Trump announced that he's running for President in a meandering speech that invited President Obama to play golf. By inviting a black man to a golf course, he's already showing he's more liberal than most of the GOP field.


Rachel Dolezal resigned from her NAACP post. She realized that if Emma Stone could play half Asian and that Christian Bale could play an Egyptian, she should be focusing on a movie career.

Ebony and Ivory

The parents of Rachel Dolezal, head of an NAACP chapter, revealed that their daughter is not black. When asked why they waited so long to share this information, they said they were tired of getting copies of Ebony in the mail.


The NYPD police commissioner said he can't find enough black police officers because too many black males have records. When asked to consider the converse of his statement, he said "What do sneakers have to do with this?"

Cruel and Unusual

The bikers from the Waco shooting are complaining about high bails and still being in jail with no formal charges. Their lawyers are reminding judges that while several shots were fired and 9 people died, that treating their clients like black men is cruel and unusual punishment.

Rap Battle

Iggy Azelea dropped out of playing at this weekend's Pittsburgh Pride Parade. She made the mistake of putting her homophobic comments on Twitter instead of hiding them in a freestyle.

Cause and Effect

A Texas cop drew his gun to get black teens to leave a pool but then scolded them for running from him. Which shows that the same state that uses abstinence only sex ed but has 5th highest teen pregnancy rate does not have a firm grasp on "cause and effect".

Pahk the Scootah

Boston is the US choice to host people from all over the world for the Olympics. The decision was obviously made by someone that hasn't heard the way people from Southie already talk about immigrants.


The left is pissed about the North Korea hacks because it limits artistic expression. The right's pissed because someone's telling two straight white men that they can't do whatever they want.

The Talk

NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio admitted having "the talk" with his black son. It's gotten to the point where "the talk" for black people isn't on how to make kids, its on how to keep them alive.