The Blind Person's Web Comic #3

An ideal internet argument about comedy:

Internet: Hey, you have these jokes that have upset a lot of people. Care to comment? 

Comic: Some of those jokes are horrible. It's me awkwardly fumbling for my comedic voice in a medium that never forgets. I hope you understand that while you might just be seeing them now they're the product of a person I've grown out of. And while I understand that like any decent adult,I have to accept responsibility for anything I say in public, I'm not going to blanketly apologize for every view I have that may be offensive to someone. It's intellectually dishonest to pretend that I agree with the world view of every person that might hear my comedy. All I can do is hope that my jokes bring a net positive to the world.

Internet: Just like you have the ability to voice your opinions, I should still be able to state what I find objectionable. I will no longer support you through ticket sales/viewership.

Comic:  That's fine. This is a free society and I can't dictate what type of entertainment you should enjoy.

How it actually goes:

Internet: You're an asshole!

Comic: RESPECT MY ART!!11!1!