New Year's Resolutions

It's New Year's time and for a lot of people it time to make promises they'll forget by March. So this year I figured I should make my comedy resolutions public so that when I remember I have this blog again 3 months I'll panic and really kick it into gear. Plus the goal conscious semi-ambitious part of me needs something to aim for.

Also, I'm trying to keep this list to things in my control. As much as "be on television for something not crime related" would be awesome, at this point in my comedy career it would be sheer dumb luck for that to happen.

  • Write 3 sitcom spec scripts i.e. write a fake episode for a sitcom series in order to show your take on it
  • Write a new 4 minutes I'm not ashamed of every month
  • Start/take part of a sketch group
  • Take an improv class
  • Write something for this blog at least twice a month (The Blind Person's Web Comic seems like a possibility)
  • Write a article (they have a surprisingly open submissions process)
  • 200 Daily jokes (3.8 a week)
  • Watching two movies a month from Bill Hader's list of 200 Movies Every Comedy Writer Should See (and possibly write reviews...)

This list could be setting me up for a very public failure. But one thing I've learned so far in standup is that bombing isn't the worst thing in the world.